Linksys wrt45g

How to setup Linksys wrt45g?

If you are facing the linksys wrt54g setup issue, this blog is very useful to you. read this blog, follow the given steps.  To perform the linksys wrt54g setup, the blog suggested using the following steps.

Linksys wrt45g

setps for Linksys wrt54g setup

  1. To start the Linksys router setup procedure, one may need to firstly plug in your power. Wait for 10 seconds to start. Use a wired cable (Ethernet) to the wall jack into the port given at the backside of the router.
    After that, use one end cable with the laptop or computer and another end to the labeled port 1-4 on the Linksys router. However, the computer gets properly connected to the Linksys router to start the router setup.
  2. Navigate any of the search engines on the connected device. Enter in the address bar, press enter button. A new window screen pop-up for asking the username and the password for accessing the configuration page. Type admin in both the field of a username and the password.
linksys wrt45g login

3. Thus, the linksys wrt54g setup page opens.

4. Here you can change the router’s name from its default name to any unique name. Scroll down the taskbar and click on the Save button > Continue (when the settings will be successful).

5.Tap on the Wireless option from the setting option. Change your Wireless network name (SSID). 

6. From the top of the setup page, tap on the Wireless Security Subsection. To protect the wireless network, use the Security mode option from the dropdown menu. Select the strong password and click on the Save settings option. 

7. Tap on the Wireless MAC Filter subsection. Enable the Wireless MAC Filter option and choose the permit-only option PCs listed to access your wireless network. Save the settings and click on the continue button. 

8. Select the Administration tab from the top of the setup page. Click Continue.

However, your Linksys wrt45g setup procedure is finished. If one may any difficulty during the setup procedure, contact the nearby technical support team.

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