How to setup Linksys smart wifi using Smart Setup Wizard?

linksys smart wifi setup

Configure your Linksyssmartwifi router by using the smart setup wizard. In fact, the best thing is that you need no internet connection while using smart wizard. Here’s you see the following are the Setup process.

Setps for linksys smart wifi setup

  • Start with connecting the Linksys smart wi-fi router to the electric source and wait for the power light to stabilize.
  • Now, go online and move to customize wireless settings of the Linksys wifi router.
  • Here, enter the SSID and security password for the Linksys network.
  • Once you enter the password, this will gives you access to the Linksys smart setup page.
  • Meanwhile, a message will appear ‘ your message is setup’ notification showing on the screen.
  • Here in, the current settings of the router will display. If you want to edit the current settings, click on the Edit option.
  • Meanwhile, you will reach a new page to create a New Linksys smart wifi account. This account will allow you to access the Linksys network remotely.
  • At last, fill in the essential details to create a Linksys account.
  • Thus, your Linksys smart wifi setup is completed.
  • Then, launch a connection between your modem, computer, and Linksys router using an Ethernet cable.
  • Next, open any Internet browser, and you automatically land on the Linksys smart wifi login page.
  • If not, then manually enter in the search engine and tap Enter key.
  • After this, Linksys router login dashboard will automatically detect the Internet connection settings.

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