Linksys n600 router

How to setup Linksys n600 router?

Linksys n600 router is an outstanding dual-band wireless router. The setup of the Linksys n600 router is very simple and easy. It includes some important steps to complete the setup procedure

Steps for Linksys n600 router setup

Following are the steps for linksys n600 setup:-

Linksys n600 router
  1. In the very first step, the user has to take a power cable and attach it to any of the nearby power sources such as a surge protector.
  2. Plug your other end of the power cable into linksys n600 router‘s power point. The power point is located at the rear side of the router.
  3. Use an Ethernet cable. Take one point of the wire & insert it into the WAN port found at the rear side of the Linksys router.
  4. Take another end of the Ethernet cable and also insert it to the LAN port found at the rear of the modem. The LAN port was found to be yellow.
    Thus, your wired connection is formed properly.
  5. Now, the next task is to access a web configuration page of the Linksys router. It can be done by using the web address or Linksys n600 router’s IP address.
    Provide the Linksys web address in the address field of the selected browser.

  6. Once, you access the web-access page of Linksys router, click on the Configuration option.
    After clicking on the configuration option, you can now access the Linksys n600 router at your fingertips.

  Even, in case one may face any problems while setting up the Linksys router, then we are here to fix the setup problem.

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